Designing With Plants

Everyone has their own design aesthetics in mind when designing and furnishing where they live.

Some people like a clean and modern look, while others like more of a maximalist vintage style. There are so many variations of each style, and everyone has their own taste and what they like. This leads to some amazing and unique styles that are constantly changing and developing. Colors, textures, and patterns are all taken into consideration when designing, but what about when we add plants to the mixture? How do plants add to the design and aesthetic looks of spaces? In this blog, I will go through some of the plants that we offer for home delivery that might match your design aesthetic and some reasons why we think so. 


Pothos is just one of those plants that can be made to match almost any aesthetic. There are so many variations; from marble queen, jade, and golden, to rare ones like the Cebu blue and the baltic blue pothos. Thriving Botanicals offers the marble queen, golden, and jade pothos. These plants are extremely easy-hanging or trailing plants. We think that these beautiful plants, for all the variations that they can have, will match any aesthetic! The white and green marble leaves on the marble queen would look perfect in a modern home, while the golden splashes of the golden pothos would match a more maximalist style. 


This was a hard one to categorize for me. Monstera is such a classic plant that I think would look amazing in a modern home, but because of the wild and unpredictable growing style, I am going to put monstera in the more maximalist category or even more of an industrial-style home.  These plants grow crazy, and often need to be tamed. While I do think in the right area these plants would look perfect for a modern or even a contemporary home, most of the time they will get too big and crazy for a space. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Modern, contemporary, and minimalistic are the vibes that the fiddle leaf fig would match. These plants are all about being consistent and all of those styles have that consistent aspect that these plants need. They would look amazing in a beautiful white pot next to a door or entryway as a beautiful and elegant statement plant. Fiddle leaf figs come in different styles, from tree form to more of a bush. Find the style that you like and that matches the space you are wanting to put it. 


As much as I do not want to take the easy way out again, I really think that for all the varieties that this plant has, it can match almost any design style. In our store, we offer laurentii and zeylanica. The laurentii has beautiful striped dark green and light green leaves with yellow trim on the outside, and the zeylanica is more of a pure green. The zeylanica variety would go well with a modern or even rustic vibe while the laurentii is more of a maximalist or bohemian style. 

This last part is not about plants, it is about the pot. All of these suggestions are my own opinions, you could go to a different blog and they might say something completely different, and that is the beauty of plants. There is no one right way to style them, it is up to you and what you like in your house. Pots, I would say, are the real make or break and matter more than the plant. There are so many colors, textures, and patterns of pots that almost anyone can find something that matches their specific ascetic. If you want a monstera for your modern house, do it! Find a pot that you like and make it work. Plants are beautiful and unique, just like our taste. There is no one way, so be creative and do what makes you happy. If you have any questions or want suggestions for plant ideas for a certain style, DM us on Instagram and we would love to help! 


I am the Brand Manager here at Thriving Botanicals. I got into house plants back in 2020, and have never looked back. I love helping people understand their plants better, so please reach out if you have any questions or just want some advice about what is going on.


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