Thriving Botanicals Care Tips: Pothos

When I first started to get into plants, everything that I read said to start with a pothos.

Pothos, they said, were almost indestructible, looked beautiful, and best of all vine! 3 years later I still have that very first pothos that I got when I first started out, and it is everything that I was told and so much more. It seems that oftentimes pothos can get overlooked because they are seen as a “beginner plant,” do not let that fool you from getting one of the most beautiful and uncomplicated plants you can get! 


While these vines would prefer bright indirect light, they will do just fine in a lower-light spot. Next to a north window would be ideal, but if you need something for the top of your fridge, pothos is your plant! Just remember the more light, the more water it will need, and the more growth your plant will have. The less light, the less water it will require, and it will grow slower. 


Pothos are not picky when it comes to soil. They will do fine in all-purpose, but if you have only succulent soil that will work too! Even if you do not have soil, simply put the clean roots of the pothos into water and it will do just fine! 


Pothos come in many colors, from plain green, neon green, gold, white, and even blue. Thriving Botanicals offers the jade pothos, the golden pothos, and the marble queen. All of these plants trail and get beautiful vines! The jade and golden pothos would do best in a lower light area where the marble queen needs a little higher light to keep producing those beautiful white and green marble leaves. 

Pothos makes a great starting plant, but do not let that stop you from collecting them as you gain more experience! If you have any questions or want help with something specific, DM us on Instagram and we would love to help you!


I am the Brand Manager here at Thriving Botanicals. I got into house plants back in 2020, and have never looked back. I love helping people understand their plants better, so please reach out if you have any questions or just want some advice about what is going on.


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