Thriving Botanicals Care Tips: Fiddle-Leaf Figs

Fiddle-leaf figs are gorgeous with those huge fiddle-shaped leaves.

These trees are common in the house plant hobby, and even in hotels and other commercial places fiddle leaf figs can be found gracing the presence of all who walk by. These plants get massive in nature but can be tamed to fit any space indoors. These plants are not without their certain quirks though, and can at times be… dramatic to say the least. But if you treat it right, this plant will soon be the star of your space. 

Let the plant speak to you

Fiddle leaf figs show when something is wrong, from dropping leaves to actually showing you that they are not happy with their leaves, be sure to watch for these signs and work to improve the conditions based on what is happening with the plant. First thing, these plants do not do good with being rearranged. Moving stresses them out, and they often will lose leaves when they are moved from their spot. This is something that is very common, so once you get it home or if you moved it and leaves start to fall off, do not think you killed it! Once you have a spot you like, leave it there for a while before moving it again. Fiddle-leaf figs like to have consistent water, if this doesn't happen they get little brown spots on their leaves. These brown spots can go away with time and a more consistent water schedule, and they are nothing to worry about! These plants are all about being consistent, the littlest change can make them lose a leaf or two. 


Fiddle leaf figs love bright light! The brightest spot in your house is where these plants would love to call home. They prefer to be in east, west, or south-facing windows. While they can be fine in north windows, they might not grow as fast due to the less amount of light. Once again, the plant will tell you if it is not getting enough light by dropping its lower and interior leaves. The window needs to be clear from any obstructions, like a tree or another building so that the fiddle leaf fig can take advantage of all the light that it can get. 


For the amount of light fiddle leaf figs like, they need a lot of water as well. Depending on the size of the pot, it could be as much as once a week during the summer months! Check to see if the first 2-4 inches of soil is dry, use the chop-stick method we talked about in a previous post or use your finger. If it is, you are good to water thoroughly. 


Our last tip for these beautiful plants is to dust the leaves regularly. Fiddle leaf figs are known to get spider mites regularly, so a weekly dusting can help prevent this from happening. Dusting will also make sure that your plant’s leaves stay shiny and allow for the most sunlight to reach the cells so your plant stays happy! 

Fiddle leaf figs are eye-catching and a statement plant for any home. With the right care and attention, they will thrive for you for many years! If you have any specific questions about your fiddle leaf fig, DM us on Instagram!


I am the Brand Manager here at Thriving Botanicals. I got into house plants back in 2020, and have never looked back. I love helping people understand their plants better, so please reach out if you have any questions or just want some advice about what is going on.


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