Tips for Low Light Areas

We have all been there, you think you have found that perfect plant for that dark corner of your house.


You set it there and it looks amazing, but after a few weeks you start seeing it lose some leaves, then it dies altogether. You are left wondering, what happened? Picking the right plant for your space is important, and lighting is one of the most crucial parts. No plant can live in a dark corner with little to no light, yet there are some steps you can take if you really have your heart set on filling that dark corner. 

Tips to Fill Dark Corners

One - Picking a plant that does better with low light.

Plants like the ZZ plant or the snake plant are good choices for a corner. These plants do not need bright light like some other plants and would do good in a corner that gets some light. They will die with no light but will be able to survive with some light. 

Two - getting two of the same plant and switching them around every week

If you have a corner that gets no light, getting two of the same plants and putting one in the corner and the other near a window is a good option. After a week, switch the plants so that the one from the dark corner will now be in the window getting light, and the one from the window has enough energy to be in the corner for a little while. 

Three - getting a good grow light is one of the best ways to solve that dark corner problem

Grow lights can look very simple or can be more complex depending on the way you want them to work. The price of the grow lights also depends on what you want. Amazon has a variety of grow lights that can be put into a lamp, or hung up over the plant. This method would allow you to get plants like a cactus or monstera, that like more light, thriving in your corner.

Need more help?

If you have any questions about what might be the right type of plant for your corner or space, please email us or DM us on Instagram and we will help you find the perfect plant!

Hey I’m Andrew

I am the Brand Manager here at Thriving Botanicals. I got into house plants back in 2020, and have never looked back. I love helping people understand their plants better, so please reach out if you have any questions or just want some advice about what is going on.


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