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Thriving Botanicals is a plant rental, maintenance, and installation company.


From the beginning, we have worked hard to bring the best quality plants and flowers to every event we get asked to do. Seeing the joy on our client's faces as they get that first look is what makes everything worth it to us. Now, we are excited to spread that joy to homeowners! Thriving Botanicals is excited to announce a new division of our company, Plants To You.

More About Plants To You

As we have grown, we have moved three times. Each new time we have moved, we have gotten more space to expand and broaden what we offer. At our new location, we are in the process of building new greenhouses that will hold plants that we will then use for an event, or to sell straight to you. 

How It Works

How will it work? We plan to sell strictly online and then will deliver your plant for free if you are in the Houston area. The plants we will be housing are some of our favorites like fiddle leaf figs, monstera, and, snake plants, along with many more of all sizes. We also will have some less common plants like tall cacti and fun orchids. 

We are planning on opening this new division of our company soon, so keep an eye out and follow Thriving Botanicals on Instagram and FaceBook to keep up to date with all our projects. We are so excited to see where this next adventure takes us as a company, and look forward to spreading joy to more clients along the way!


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Hey I’m Andrew

I am the Brand Manager here at Thriving Botanicals. I got into house plants back in 2020, and have never looked back. I love helping people understand their plants better, so please reach out if you have any questions or just want some advice about what is going on.


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